Condizioni generali di contratto di noleggio

1. The rates for the individual transfers are inclusive of VAT and exclude the taking and reconciliation of couriers, guides or assistants.

2. In the case of transport of disabled you will need a companion for every disabled person and a supplement of € 30 will apply. The only vehicle available to transport disabled allows you to carry a maximum of 4 disabled 4 coaches.

3. The company is not liable for luggage, objects or things usually left unattended and / or lost on the bus.

4. At the customer's request, will be a surcharge of € 10 for the presence on board of a Wifi router. In the absence of the router on board the company will refund the fee in cash.

5. The company is not liable for damages resulting from causes not attributable to it (rain, snow, people's movements, floods, strikes, delays resulting from traffic, etc.) or damage caused by mechanical failures.

6. In the event of termination of service within 24 hours prior to the service no penalty will be applied. If the booking is canceled after this time will be charged a penalty equal to 50% of the agreed amount. Any permit access to the cities and any parking though, have already been purchased at the time of cancellation, will be charged entirely.

7. Under the rules set out below are the Company current European legislation on driving times and rest periods for drivers, it is required to comply with.
• AVAILABLE DAILY: 12 hours maximum.
• DAILY GUIDE PERMITTED: maximum 9 hours - every 4 hours and 30 minutes, are observed 45 minutes of rest.
• REST DAY: 11 consecutive hours in any 24 hours with reduced to 9 consecutive hours three days a week to recover before the end of the following week.
• WEEKLY: 24 consecutive hours every 6 days of service. The failure to comply with the above provisions provides for the deduction of points from the second license for the driver, in addition to the seizure of the vehicle as well as other penalties provided by law.

8. Revision of rates: rates may change in the event of unusual and unforeseeable increases in fixed costs such as diesel fuel, highways, personnel costs, parking and insurance.

9. For night services (ie those between the hours of 21.30 and 7.00) will be a surcharge of 20%, and reservations will be required at least 24 hours prior to the time when the service is due.

10. The rates are excluded: permits access to the cities, border taxes, crossing mountain passes, transportation on trains, ferries and motorboats, tip the driver.

11. Reservations require at least 24 hours notice after the time indicated for the start of the service.

12. For the second driver, if required by law or by the customer, it must be matched by an increase of € 160,00 + VAT 10%.

13. They can not be transported animals, made exceptions for guide dogs for the blind and small pets kept in special carriers.

14. They can be transported in the luggage compartment of the minibus and the car at most n. 1 luggage per person with a maximum size of 140 cm (sum of length, height and depth) and one piece of hand luggage per person, not to exceed 85 cm (sum of length, height and width) to store on board the minibus of the car. Subject to available space may be allowed on board even more luggage.

15. Is there a prepayment of the service requested.

16. It is expected by the customer compliance with the agreed timetable for the service, the respect of the number of people and any extra luggage for which the reservation was made. In the event of non-compliance of these conditions will be applied supplements fees.

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