The Company

The origins of Mirante Tourism date back to 1949 when Giuseppe Mirante founded the company that has worked with great professionalism in the charter bus industry always distinguished by the quality of its fleet.
Giuseppe Mirante received, even by Fiat s.p.a., for their contribution to technological innovation in the construction of the bus, several awards.

In 1983 it was founded the Mirante Tourism whose director is Piero Mirante who continued the business started by his father Giuseppe increasing it and extending it also to the activity of agency travel and tourism.
Currently the Mirante Mirante Tourism is directed by Piero and his wife Rosaria Russo. The Mirante Tourism has set a target of customer satisfaction and therefore its bus fleet is constantly renewed, their organization is managed with care and provides, among other things, the presence at its office of a responsible 24 hours a day to promptly satisfy every need of its customers.

The staff is highly qualified and has international experience, speak English and wearing the uniform company.
The Mirante Tourism has acquired the transport market a recognized professional in the performance of bus services, related to the organization of congresses and events in general, to bus tours of cruise companies, to transfers within the city of Naples and surroundings and to national and international tours conducted on behalf of major tour operators.
Our company is certified since 2004.

See our Service Charter.

Piero Mirante

  Sole and Technical Director.

Rosaria Russo

  Attorney and Administration Manager.

Martina Mirante


Giuseppe Mirante


Vincenza Criscuolo

  Booking for Italy.

Antonia Ferraiuolo

  Booking for foreign.

Tommaso De Cristofaro

  Fleet management.

Luigi De Luca

  Floating management.