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Our Bus Lines

Mirantetur offers customers three daily scheduled connections: Line 1, Line 8, Pozzuoli – Ospedale del Mare Line.
Line 1 and line 8 have been connecting the city of Naples with the industrial area of Pascarola since 1989, guaranteeing round-trip coverage with respect to work shifts for the main companies operating in the ASI of Pascarola, primarily the Unilever.
Starting from 25 January 2017, in view of the opening of the Ospedale del Mare in Barra, Mirantetur will operate a bus service consisting of six daily trips with the aim of creating a precise and efficient connection to the hospital complex, connecting all the most important of the City of Naples: Corso Garibaldi, Molo Beverello, Piazza Vittoria, Piazza Sannazzaro, Piazzale Tecchio, Monte Sant’Angelo, Via Terracina (San Paolo Hospital) until reaching the municipality of Pozzuoli where at the intersection of Via Sacchini and Via Pergolesi there is a dedicated bus stand.
For Line 1 and Line 8, in addition to single-journey tickets costing €4, there are also 10-journey carnets costing €30.00 and monthly passes costing €65.10.
For the Pozzuoli – Ospedale del Mare line, single journey tickets are available at a cost of €2.40 and monthly passes at a cost of €46.00.

All single journey tickets can be purchased on board.

Linea 1

– From Fuorigrotta to Pascarola departures: 4.50am – 12.10pm – 8.20pm
– From Pascarola to Forigrotta departures: 6.15am – 2.20pm – 10.20pm

Linea 8

– From Fuorigrotta to Pascarola departures at: 7.15am
– From Pascarola to Forigrotta departures at: 5pm

Linea Pozzuoli - Ospedale del Mare

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