Rome and the Colosseum

Rome and the Colosseum

Immersed in the beating heart of ancient Rome, we find ourselves faced with a timeless experience, a journey that intertwines history, art and culture into a single compelling plot. Rome, the “Eternal City”, with its streets paved with history, its imposing monuments and its lively squares, is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

The visit to the Colosseum, the symbolic monument of Rome, is a journey through time that transports us to the era of the Roman Empire. Looking out over this grandiose amphitheater, we can almost hear the echo of the gladiator fights and the roars of the crowd. Its imposing stone walls tell stories of conquests and triumphs, while the arches rise majestically towards the sky, silent witnesses of a glorious era.

Once inside, we find ourselves surrounded by the grandeur of Roman architecture. Walking through the corridors and arches, we can imagine the emotionally charged atmosphere during the shows that took place here centuries ago. Climbing up to the last level, a breathtaking view of the city of Rome opens up before us, with its red roofs and bell towers standing out against the blue sky.

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