Our History

Our Origins

The origins of Mirante Turismo date back to 1949 when Giuseppe Mirante founded the namesake company, which operated with great professionalism in the Gran Turismo bus rental sector, always standing out for the quality of its fleet. Giuseppe Mirante received several awards, including from Fiat s.p.a., for his contribution to technological innovation in bus construction.

In 1983, Mirante Turismo was established, with Piero Mirante as the sole administrator. He continued his father Giuseppe’s work, expanding it to include travel agency and tourism activities.

Currently, Mirante Turismo is led by Piero Mirante and his wife Rosaria Russo, always aiming for the utmost customer satisfaction through the use of top-quality coaches and meticulous organization. This includes having a 24-hour responsible person at their headquarters to promptly address any customer needs.

Their staff is highly qualified with international experience, fluent in English, and dressed in company uniforms. Mirante Turismo has gained recognized expertise in organizing congresses and events, cruise excursions, transfers, continuous services in the Naples area, and national and international tours on behalf of leading tour operators.


Our Team

Piero Mirante
Sole Administrator and Technical Director.
Rosaria Russo
Attorney and Administrative Manager.
Martina Mirante
Giuseppe Mirante
Vincenza Criscuolo
Booking Italy
Antonia Ferraiuolo
International Booking

Our Certifications